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Asked December 17, 2013 in Home Insurance Hi, We have a couple companies that add this on,in the states we write homeowners in: AZ,CA,TX, GA and MO. The coverage you ask about is probably most competitively priced by Safeco in our areas of operation. READ MORE >>

Absolutely, at the Insurance Browser we love Safeco. They are a national carrier wholly owned by an even larger insurer Liberty Mutual. They have competitive products and pricing in many of the states we operate in including AZ, TX,GA and MO. READ MORE >>

If I am understanding it correctly  you are asking about the compressors and not the overall system that uses the same duct work as your heating system. If that is not correct I apologize, but that is what I think you are referring to. In which case you are asking if a failed compressor is covered under your policy. READ MORE >>

Asked December 22, 2013 in Auto Insurance 0inShare This is a tough one since everyone's personal situation is involved in a different fashion. READ MORE >>

This indirectly brings us to consider  one hidden values of insurance which is defense costs. Most personal insurance policies auto home and umbrella usually provide defense from others who bring suit against you. It of course has to relate to a coverage in the policy. READ MORE >>

You are a law abiding citizen. You know that you have to have an auto insurance policy in place to get the Tag for your car. Your state requires you to carry liability insurance. In fact you know that when the blue lights flash behind you, and you are stopped for a speed violation, the officer can readily tell if you have insurance. READ MORE >>

Let me paint the back drop first. You are more than successful financially. You have the house, cars, maybe even a boat and of course you insure it all. Your agent or insurer has even pointed out that an umbrella is a great backstop to your liability for all the havoc you might unintentionally cause. READ MORE >>

     Personal Auto Insurance is one of the least understood products you will buy. One giant retailer suggests you could spend 15 minutes and make the right choices … Why rush? Do you compare restaurants on the basis of how easy it is to read the menu or how the food satisfies you? READ MORE >>

Generally speaking yes. Windstorm is covered by your homeowners policy, but maybe treated separately by your policy as well. For example if you live in a coastal area wind coverage may be excluded and you obtain what coverage is available through a pooling arrangement such as a wind pool. READ MORE >>

Five things Insurers may not want you to figure out 1.      Annual Policies can save you money. If a company has a rate change during the course of the year, it will implement the change on your policy at the next anniversary. Not surprisingly most policies sold in the US are semiannual. READ MORE >>

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