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Insurance Browser Blog: 8_2015

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I am assuming that you hit a car while YOU do not have insurance. In which case you are going to be responsible for the injuries or damage out of your own pocket. You may also be required to prove financial responsibility by demonstrating that you now have a policy in place to continue driving READ MORE >>

This is a great topic for one peculiar reason. Many folks in the US have forced placed insurance. This is the mortgage company taking over responsibility for securing coverage when you as the property owner have failed to do so. The main problem is that forced placed insurance is usually very expensive and imposed on the least educated consumers. READ MORE >>

Let me offer one reason that might be obvious, but is generally is not.One  major reason rates go up. Insurers are pricing a product before they know their cost. READ MORE >>

I  am not sure exactly what you mean. But if you  mean going without, then no a mortgage company would not allow that, and if you own outright it would be a foolish choice to go without. If you mean price negotiation , then that really is not practical as the rates used are filed wit... READ MORE >>

Let me add a few comments here on how the coverages are usually presented on a Declaration page of a Homeowners policy. First there is the party being insured and who the company is that is providing the insurance. Then there is a specific term for the coverage to begin and end. READ MORE >>

Renters policies are essentially the same type of policy as a regular homeowners adjusted to deal with property and liability exposures for a person who rents as opposed to some one who owns a property. READ MORE >>

OK, this will be a quick run down of coverages most commonly needed but the answer may vary some form state to state: The first coverage you need is Bodily Injury Liability. This is the amount of coverage you need to protect yourself from the claims and law suits of people you injure. READ MORE >>

Asked December 17, 2013 in Home Insurance Hi, We have a couple companies that add this on,in the states we write homeowners in: AZ,CA,TX, GA and MO. The coverage you ask about is probably most competitively priced by Safeco in our areas of operation. READ MORE >>

Absolutely, at the Insurance Browser we love Safeco. They are a national carrier wholly owned by an even larger insurer Liberty Mutual. They have competitive products and pricing in many of the states we operate in including AZ, TX,GA and MO. READ MORE >>

If I am understanding it correctly  you are asking about the compressors and not the overall system that uses the same duct work as your heating system. If that is not correct I apologize, but that is what I think you are referring to. In which case you are asking if a failed compressor is covered under your policy. READ MORE >>

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