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       Special Promotions / Advertising 

             At the Insurance Browser we are offering a special gift certificate promotion. Right now through 12/31/15  we are offering a free thank you gift for each household
             request for an  auto insurance quote. All quote details requested on our website, or through our forms, must be completed.  Some restrictions apply to this offer:
             Only one NOVICA electronic  gift card will be provided to each household address, whether one or more auto quote requests are made for that location
             for auto insurance,
             You must be a GA. Resident and you  must be at least 18 years old and a GA licensed driver  Simply mention this offer when discussing your auto insurance
             quote with  one of our licensed agents.  Or enter the word NOVICA  on your on line auto quote request. in the Promo entry space.  
            The NOVICA Gift  card is limited to residents of d Georgia, Void where prohibited. No purchase is necessary however quantities are limited.The Electronic 
             Gift Card   valid at only. and has a $10 value on that site only. Otherwise there is no value associated with the electronic gift card.

           This promotion may be discontinued at any time, on , before or after 12/31/2017.


        If you would prefer our previous Time piece promotions we still have a small supply of leather strapped time pieces for men or women and as long as supplies last,
        we would be glad to substitute that promotion for the gift card if you prefer. 

           Comparison information made in our commercials both TV, Print, Radio  and Direct Mail are accurate.
           The testimonials may or may not be offered by persons related to the principals of Insurance Browser Inc.
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