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Homeowners Insurance

Homeowner’s Coverages

Typically your home is your largest investment. Is it well protected? Will you have enough coverage if it is destroyed by fire, lightning, tornado, or man-made events such as burglary or vandalism?

A homeowner policy usually has several separate coverages.

Property Coverage

This portion of a homeowner policy covers the structure itself. It is most important that you cover your house with enough coverage to replace it if it were totally destroyed. Remember that rebuilding one house is different than building a subdivision the first time. For example the reconstruction effort after a fire usually starts with the debris removal. Sometimes access to the property is now much more difficult than when originally built. So, let us help you determine what the correct value of your home is for replacement coverage.

Liability Coverage

Accidents happen at home… and, when your guest is injured due to your negligence, the homeowner liability section responds. For example, a neighbor is invited over and trips over the garden hose you left out. This is an event that your liability coverage provides coverage for. Likewise, liability can extend away from your premises as well, for activities you or family members are involved with.

Contents Coverage

All the goods and furniture in your home constitute contents. But all policies are not alike and some contents are limited in specific value due to the nature of the item or use. For example, business property is often limited to a specific dollar amount. Remember that replacement of your contents requires replacement coverage; otherwise you will only be afforded Actual Cash Value (ACV).

Additional Living Expense

If your home were destroyed by fire, where would you live? How would you pay for temporary expenses? This portion of your homeowners policy provides for the additional cost of living when it is necessary for you to leave home due to a covered loss.

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