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Renters Insurance

Property Coverage

All the goods and furniture in your home, apartment or other rental unit are protected by Contents Coverage.

Let’s face it, you have some old but very functional items you want to protect. You are going to need to insure your property for replacement coverage.

For example, that 52″ 300 lb. TV is nice, but its Actual Cash Value (ACV) is pretty low. Who wants to replace that TV with another dinosaur? You need replacement cost coverage. At the Insurance Browser, we can help select the right coverage for you.

Liability Coverage

So you invited some friends over for a small party at your apartment. You have brews on ice in the kitchen in a huge cooler. Several hours into the evening your kitchen floor is pretty wet. Your friend slips and breaks her arm. It is a serious break and requires a trip to the hospital emergency room, orthopedic surgery, and some rehab. All the costs add up but you are protected for your liability with your renters insurance liability coverage.

At this point you’re glad that your landlord made you get a Renter’s Policy.

Additional Living Expense

You have seen it on the news: An apartment complex on fire. In the aftermath, tenants are struggling to find a new place. If they have renters insurance, they will have additional living expense coverage and be able to maintain their lifestyle through the rebuild.

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